How to Look Younger for Men

Everybody needs to look and feel more youthful. Right now, the counter maturing industry in the United States is an $80 billion business — and inquires about recommends its exclusive going to get greater. By 2015, it could add up to as much as $114 billion. Be that as it may, you don’t need to go under the blade to cut away the years. Straightforward strides at home can keep the irritating impacts of maturing under control and help you look as youthful as you feel.

Advance Wellness

Keeping up your general wellbeing can make you look and feel more youthful. These way of life decisions advance health:

Rest soundly. Most grown-ups require seven to nine hours of rest each night. “Getting fitting rest is vital for what you look like. Insufficient rest can bring about sacks under your eyes and other wellbeing results that may make you seem more seasoned.

Quit smoking. Smoking can make you look old by making wrinkles and lines around your mouth and eyes, dulling your skin, and recolor your teeth. It additionally can bring about a large group of medical issues that will age you rapidly.

Practice good eating habits. “Eating suitable measures of a Mediterranean-sort consume less calories — chicken, fish, natural products, and vegetables with a direct measure of carbohydrates — will keep you sound and additionally looking youthful and fit.

Work out. “Practice will help you to keep up your tone and your adaptability,” Men who are fit and trim will look more youthful and feel more youthful than the individuals who are fat and heavy.


Dress Your Age

Age is about appearance. You can take years off your appearance on the off chance that you take after this basic hostile to maturing clothing standard:

Abstain from garments patterns. Whenever dressing, run with upgraded works of art. “On the off chance that you are moderately aged and run with a pattern that is for 18-year-olds, it won’t look right.” And don’t harp on patterns from your past. “In the event that you wore the look some time recently, don’t do it once more. For instance, chime base pants from the ’60s will make you look dated — or like you never left that period.

Every one of that sparkles is old. “Less is best with regards to gems as we age.

Flatten” an eyebrow. As men age, their eyebrows regularly get long and rowdy. “You don’t get character — you look insane. Trim undesirable body hair. As men age they have a tendency to get hair in undesirable spots, for example, the ears and nose. Keep this development trimmed and you’ll look more youthful — and on the off chance that you look more youthful, you’ll feel more youthful.

Grow a facial hair. In the event that you have a hanging neck area, some of the time a neatly trimmed facial hair can be an incredible method for hiding it. Taking after this against maturing guidance can make you look more youthful and feel more youthful, regardless of what the schedule says. Remaining fit and trim likewise will forestall diseases and unending conditions that can age you rashly too.

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Best Workouts To Lose Weight At Home

In today’s life, it seems obvious that everyone should be physically active. Regular exercise is immensely necessary if we want to live a fulfilling and healthy life into old age. Body fitness exercises at home help to increase the physical ability of a person. Exercise plays an important role in weight loss. There are several exercises to lose weight and stay fit.

Pushup Combo

Pushup Combo is an effective exercise to lose arm fat. This pushup exercise is a great cardio move that works your chest, shoulders and back. At first stand with your feet together and arms at your sides. Next bend over and place the fingertips or the hands on the floor in front of you. Then steadily walk the hands forward into plank position. Keeping the hands in place, walk your feet up until they are as close to your hands as possible.


Bodyweight Lunge

Bodyweight Lunge is the best exercise for weight loss. Lunges are immensely good for the lower body like calves and glutes and they can help correct imbalances. These exercises build single-leg strength, explosiveness, and stability. At first stand with the arms by your sides, smoothly cross the arms in front of your chest or place the hands on your hips or behind the ears. Step forward with the right leg and gradually lower the body until the front knee is bent at least 90 degrees. Stop for a few seconds; thereafter push yourself to the beginning position as quickly as you can.

Lying Gluteal Bridge

It is an effective exercise to lose weight at home. This exercise is also great for improving hip mobility and strengthening your lower back. At first lie on your back with the knees properly bent and the feet flat on a smooth floor. Place your arms at your sides, palms facing down. Next Squeeze the glutes and gradually raise your butt off the smooth floor until the body forms a straight line from the knees to the shoulders. Hold this position for 4 to 6 seconds; thereafter gradually lower yourself to the floor.

Lunge Jumps

The best fat burning exercises is lunge jumps. This exercise is useful for building power in the legs, developing leg strength and endurance and it can be valuable strength training exercise. At first stand with your feet together, elbows bent 90 degrees. Lunge forward with the right foot. Next Jump straight up as you thrust the arms forward, elbows still bent. Gently switch legs in midair, like a scissor. Repeat it, switching legs again.

Bodyweight Split Jump

The best home workout is Bodyweight Split Jump. It is one of the most well-known forms of plyometric exercise that enhances muscular power, endurance, and speed. At first from a standing position gradually lower the body into a split squat. Quickly switch directions and jump with sufficient force to propel both feet off the floor. Repeat the same, alternating back and forth with every repetition.

These body fitness exercises reduce fat at home and lose weight gradually in a healthy way.

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Our Favorite Medifast Recipes

You’ll want to know the Medifast recipes for sure when studying the diet, perhaps because you want to make them someday. Yet, what you will taken with right away is that you can get those portion controlled healthy meals delivered right to your door. They have all kinds of great recipes already made for you. For someone like me, that’s great. I haven’t tried Medifast yet, but I’ve always been interested in those types of diets.


I do like to cook, but I never have time to cook. Do you? Plus, when has buying groceries been cheap these days? They cost quite a lot anyway, and if you’re cooking for one like I am, portion control can be a little difficult. This isn’t just bad for your diet, but it’s bad for your wallet. Of course, when you have all the right recipes, it’s doable. Still, wouldn’t it be nice to skip all the cooking and just purchase a weekly meal plan?

It’s not like you’re going to be having to sacrifice when it comes to taste. Look at the delicious yet healthy recipes offered by Medifast. Again, there is a section where you can look at recipes, and you can even buy individual products that they sell if you want extra of something. Of course, there is a diet plan to follow that they send you, but they are trying to break there way through to all kinds of dieters out there. They offer healthy food, bottom line.

Not only are there recipes for all kinds of meals, but you can make those meal replacement shakes and smoothies as well. Medifast recipes include those and more to help you get all the vitamins and nutrients you need. Plus, a good meal replacement smoothie or shake can be a healthy natural appetite suppressant. What about chili and other soups? It would be great to look at the recipes anyway as mentioned so that you know more about what you’re eating and more about a healthy diet.

You’re not going to have the company ship you food forever, are you? I’m sure they would appreciate your business, but they know that at some point you will again cook or eat out at a restaurant. You may return to them over and over again, but whenever you decide to cook on your own, some great recipes are provided. What about Mexican Meatloaf? That sounds like one of the most scrumptious recipes to me.


There are plenty of others, such as lasagna, taco bake and chicken teriyaki. There are also vegetarian recipes, seafood recipes and of course you can’t forget dessert! There are brownies and so much more that you can make. Of course, that tells you more about what you’re going to get when you purchase one of their diet plans and have those great foods shipped to you. Check out what Medifast dieters have to say about their weight loss results, too. How does Medifast stack up to other meal delivery diet plans?

Resources from Diet Dynamo

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Why Take Antioxidant Supplements?

Health conscious people pay attention to antioxidants. They will buy antioxidant supplements and they do it for one  important reason.  They want the benefits that antioxidants can  Furnish for their  health.  But the little wrinkle in that plan is that taking antioxidant supplements might not do  what they want.


 What’s the big deal with antioxidants?

Antioxidants are the nemesis of free radicals. To  fully appreciate just how important antioxidants are, you need to understand how free radicals- rogue electrons- can harm your health.


Complex system – a chain reaction

Your body is an amazing system.  It’s made up of organs, like your  brain and your liver and even your skin, that each  performs a  important job.  They all need to do their job for you to be truly healthy.  Your organs are  made of living tissue, composed of  trillions of cells made up of molecules and their component atoms, each with their proper count of electrons.  Electron sharing binds atoms together into molecules, but they can become damaged and  drop an electron. This makes a free radical and the atom  missing an electron will ” take” it from the  nearest molecule, which creates in its turn another unstable atom.  Now you’ve got a chain reaction that if left  to continue, will  hurt the cells within the organ tissue and will  sooner or later damage the organ.r7992yd801

Antioxidant molecules are  different. They can lose an electron and not need to replace it.  An antioxidant molecule will not  become a free radical itself because it will either  remain stable  without the electron or  won’t be strong enough to steal an electron from another atom.  The chain reaction is  prevented.  What’s  vital to understand – to  fullly comprehend the scale- is that, according to a well known  scientist who studies antioxidants –  by the name of Bruce Ames – a cell in your body will be  attacked up to 10,000 times in  a single day by free radicals.  And there are trillions of cells in our bodies.

1458247547813Free Radicals as trigger for acute and chronic diseases

This  onslaught by free radicals contributes to (and some will say primarily causes) many of the acute and chronic diseases that we associate with aging.  Alzheimers disease, acute and chronic inflammation, coronary disease, cancer, type II diabetes, Parkinsons disease, rheumatoid arthritis and some types of dementia  can all be traced back to free radical damage. And thats not the  whole list.

I believe that it’s  actually important to  reduce your own  production of free radicals,  up your level of antioxidants and  choosing to  buyantioxidant supplements is one thing you can  do.  But it isn’t the whole picture.

Things you should do

1-  Clean up your act

It’s  difficult to fix the damage when you’re still causing it, so this would be a good time to  slow your production of free radicals and there are  many things you can do to help.  You can  avoid smoking and  smokers,  water and air pollution, junk food , substance abuse and even too much exercise.


2-  Improve your diet

Eat more fruit and vegetables.  Which ones? This list is long but  remember green foods and  look for blue foods.  Think raw and fresh.

3- Buy antioxidants and antioxidant supplements

Supplements like Vitamins C and E, Resveratrol and Cordyceps are  excellent examples of antioxidants supplements that are  affordable.  Research your choices first because sources, quality and usability will vary widely, but you can  include them as part of your plan.

4- Glutathione is the  body’s Master Antioxidant,but  not effective as an oral supplement

Oral glutathione supplements  unfortunately don’t survive the digestive  tract to be  taken into the bloodstream.  Instead you can choose a Glutathione precursor like MAX GXL.  You can also help to support your body’s production of Glutathione by eating more asparagus and broccoli.

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